Monday, October 26, 2009

Teradata Partners User Group Conference 2009

The Teradata Partners User Group Conference 2009 happened last week (October 18-22, 2009 in Washington D.C), with some interesting announcements: an Enterprise Analytics Cloud initiative and the plan to launch a release of an Extreme Performance Appliance based on solid-state drives (SSDs). A lot of people wrote about the event, here are some links with news, posts and articles about the conference:

- This Week at the Teradata Partners User Conference - Curt Monash
- Teradata Taps the Cloud, Announces Solid-State Appliance - Doug Henschen
- More on Teradata's SSD Speedster and (Cautious) Public-Cloud Offering - Doug Henschen
- Teradata the Wise - Wayne Eckerson
- Teradata Partners: A Retrospective - Jill Dyché
- Teradata Partners - Richard Hackathorn did a very nice coverage, with several posts
- Stein tells of doom and hope for the future - Evelyn Hoover - Editor-in-Chief Teradata Magazine

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