Tuesday, November 24, 2009

International Business Rules Forum

The International Business Rules Forum is the premier Conference dedicated to Business Rules, where the future of Business Rules, Decisioning, Compliance & Enterprise Design is taking shape! The Forum happened this month at Las Vegas.

According the Business Rules Forum's website: "Your enterprise undergoes change all the time—and faster every day. Entering into new markets. Introducing new products. Complying with new regulations. Making new agreements with customers and suppliers. Changing business direction through mergers, acquisitions, alliances and divestitures. Are your systems and procedures keeping up? Business Rules Forum 2009 delivers the strategy and insight necessary to create an agile organization, in control of the business rules necessary to drive growth and meet market and structural challenges."

Here are some links commenting about the conference:

- Sandy Kemsley - She did a good coverage with many posts commeting about the Forum, and also published her slides presentation: BPM, Collaboration and Social Networking #brf

- Eric Charpentier - He also did a good coverage with many posts commeting about the Forum

- James Taylor - He commented about the 2 days and also commented about his presentation: Smarter systems for uncertain times – #brf keynote
. Business Rules Forum 2009 – Day 1 #brf
. Business Rules Forum 2009 – Day 2 #brf

- Paul Vicent - BRF09: TIBCO on what’s different about rules in CEP

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