Sunday, July 11, 2010

Business Intelligence and the Soccer World Cup

The 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa finished today (Spain won the World Cup, congratulations Spain!) During the world cup, I saw some interesting initiatives regarding BI and the world cup.

SAP created a BI solution called SAP BusinessObjects 2010 Football Experience. According SAP's website: "Can't travel to South Africa this year? Let SAP bring the excitement of world soccer to you! Whether you're a novice or an obsessed fan, "YOUR World Soccer Experience" lets you become part of the action and participate in a whole new way. See how a live working business intelligence system from SAP can help enhance your experience of the game." Timo Elliott published a good post in his blog detailing the SAP solution.

idashboards created an interactive dashboard software to track the 2010 World Cup tournament. According idashboards' website: "These dashboards monitor the matches played by each team, match scores and points earned by each team in easy-to-view charts and graphs which are updated after each game. Teams compete to make it past the Group Stage and be among the top 16 teams. From the Round of 16, users can view at-a-glance information on team standings and follow who wins the title. There is also an interactive customized map of South Africa where users can roll-over a stadium to see the matches being played there."

Bruno Aziza created a YouTube channel called Soccer Analytics, where he is publishing several videos about analytics and soccer.

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