Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tibco announces Tibco Silver Spotfire, a cloud-based BI/analytics

Tibco announced today Tibco Silver Spotfire, a cloud-based BI/analytics. According the press release: "Tibco Silver Spotfire is a fully functional on-demand offering designed to enable anyone to create, publish and share custom dashboards or reports for business analytics and business intelligence (BI) in the cloud. TIBCO Silver Spotfire is more than traditional BI in a SaaS offering; it is essentially a “social BI” offering that enables business teams to easily build and share reports, dashboards, charts, and other visualization and calculations in order to grow a corporate analytics knowledge base. TIBCO Silver Spotfire can be integrated with social media, allowing users to embed live dashboards into their business blogs and online articles, thereby distributing their analytic knowledge base more broadly than is possible with traditional BI tools. "

The good news is: You can use one-year free trial, with no cost or obligation. That is an interesting initiative by Tibco.

I read several comments on blogs and on Twitter about the Tibco's announcement, I would like to highlight:

Sandy Kemsley commented in her blog:"This shouldn’t be a huge surprise to those watching TIBCO announcements to date: at their conference in May, “Silver Analytics” was mentioned in the general session as an upcoming product release, and they’ve made much ado about moving all of their other products onto the Silver cloud platform that this seems inevitable."

Merv Adrian commented in his blog: "Spotfire has had a “visionary” reputation for some time now (Gartner has recognized it as such in Magic Quadrant research), and Tibco has steadily grown its market share, though like other portfolio software vendors, it is unwilling to break individual product numbers out for a clear comparison. Its strong visualization, powerful statistical engine, and in-memory performance focus (with load balancing in the server in its latest release) have extended its reputation. Spotfire also leverages Tibco’s long experience with event processing to provide context-aware features that have driven continued expansion. Silver Spotfire confirms its preference for the visionary play with an authoring client, andweb-based sharing and hosting that will be available for a monthly fee after the trial."

You can register for use the free software trial through the Tibco Silver Spotfire website.

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