Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Business Intelligence Trumps Facebook

Baseline published a post commenting on their research Top 10 Tech Trends of 2011, where they identified that the enthusiasm is for business analytics and knowledge management, where nearly two-thirds of new commitments are expected to be at a strong or very strong level. According Baseline research, while social networking may be a hot topic, finding a way to make sense of all that data with BI systems will be the 2nd biggest tech trend of 2011.

The survey showed about 9 percent more organizations expecting significant deployments of Business intelligence (BI) systems in 2011, compared with last year’s survey. And it’s high on end-users’ and finance’s wish lists. The driver of this interest seems to be the need to corral all these new, usually disorganized information sources.

According Bill Bosler, CIO at Texas Consultants: “Some social networking techniques will clearly impact all users, and deployments will continue at their own pace -- independent of corporate intent”, which recently designed an ambitious BI tool as part of a new oil refinery project in the Middle East. “There will be plenty of action on the analytics side, crunching all the new real-time data collected by both new and traditional means, and anticipating and mitigating challenges before they occur.”

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