Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Agile BI Governance

I read in Jorge Fernández González's blog (written in spanish), some interesting texts and saw some slides about Agile BI Governance. He joins the principles of agile manifesto and BI Governance, and defines what he calls Agile BI Governance Framework.

According his presentation, Agile BI Governance is the process of definition and implementation of infrastructure that will support the objectives of company. The four values of Agile BI Governance are: continuous adaptability, work together, flexible hierarchies, and people over processes.

He defines some changes of paradigm to use the Agile BI Governance:
- Changing the management style from "order and control" to "leadership and partnership"
- Changing the corporate culture from "focusing on the process" towards "people-oriented"
- Changing not crucial knowledge management from "explicit" to "tacit"
- Changing the communication from "formal" to "informal"
- Changing the role of the end user from "important" to "fundamental"
- Changing the structure of the organization from "hierarchical" to "organic"
- Changing the "strict roles" with "interchangeable roles"

In his blog, you can read articles that he published in magazines (english and spanish), watch a presentation (spanish), and also see some slides (spanish).

He also publishes articles in B-Eye-Network (spanish edition).

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